Didactic Dopamine: The Collection

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Didactic Dopamine: The Collection

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Authored by Whitney “Phylliz Sophikal” Sherrill, M.A. | Contributions by Dr. Makungu M. Akinyela Ph.D., Mr. J. Michael Blakely, Le’Aqua A. Shoates Cover design or artwork by Maurice Thompson for Clickartist Media Associate editor Joseph Cox III Consultant editor Lawrence J. Dandridge

“Didactic Dopamine” is a collection of poetry formatted as a passionate and insightful novel. This poetic novel by scholar-activist, educator, Hip-Hop enthusiast, and renown poet Phylliz Sophikal (Philosophical) is one that feeds the soul. The poems create a map, revealing the destinations of a Black woman as she comes of age in the ’90s Hip-Hop era. You see her growth as she experiences love, heartache, dreams, reality, spiritual transformation, and the challenges of life.After reading, you will feel a sense of total fulfillment just before you thirst for more! 

This poetic novel totally revolutionizes the poetry genre! Poet and artist Phylliz Sophikal has graphically designed the words in each poem, causing the reader to be completely indulged in the reading experience and to feel the intensity of each word as it pops off the page. She has brilliantly transformed the text into graffiti art!

A first of its kind, “Didactic Dopamine” was written and designed as a tribute to the art of Hip-Hop, paying homage through the style, diction, and content of the novel. The book is thematically arranged and divided into four chapters, whose titles are reminiscent lines from classic songs of the ’90s Hip-Hop era. Chapter titles feature the work of the legendary artists Pharcyde, The Roots, Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blidge, and Mos Def. Even the graphic design of the words within the text pay homage to the art of Hip-Hop by reflecting the beauty of Graffiti art, also known as “tagging.”“Didactic Dopamine” will easily become a staple in your literature collection!

Publication Date:
Sep 03 2013
0989927393 / 9780989927390

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